TGI… Sunday?!

Soooo after fully moving out my flat on Saturday, (thats including handing my keys back) my loving father came and picked me up from Perth and drove me all the way home to my hometown village. You see this coming week I am fulfilling the most amazing dream ever, I am getting to work with an orchestra!!! And that orchestra is The Scottish Chamber Orchestra!!! This is a placement I need to complete for my uni course, so it is an amazing opportunity! So I will be starting that as of tomorrow!

As for today, that has been spent gorging on some lovely food at TGI Fridays in Edinburgh, with cocktails and moving on to a vodka bar (which was delish! It has soooo many vodka flavours). This venture to Edinburgh was to catch up with my lovely school buddies, Kirsty and Lauren. Since living in Perth I have become something of a hermit and barely return back home for visits so this was my opportunity to see them, take photos (as you do) of ourselves and our food and have a good old chin wag!


But for now I must bid you farewell as I need to be up at half 5 for my train tomorrow for my first day of placement! So EXCITED!!!!  xoxo