This is totally a spur of the moment idea in which I decided I needed a place to get some things off my chest, to download to whoever wants to read this. Its somewhere to talk about my daily life and what I have been up to. I’m using this as a place to show all sides of my emotions, as people need to talk things out their systems sometimes.

So welcome to my first blog post!

I think today I would like to discuss the struggles of packing and unpacking all your stuff when you are moving homes. Unfortunately I got some bad news towards the end of 2014, I had four weeks to move out my flat. So that meant, four weeks to pack my stuff, four weeks to find new accommodation, four weeks to organise my life – which was already pretty unorganised as it was the Christmas holidays! So I was full-time at work, had no uni till the end of January and all I wanted to do was sit back and do nothing at all.

So once I was given the four weeks notice, I had to source boxes. Organise my belongings into these said boxes and then find somewhere new to live. Luckily I am sat writing this blog post from my new home, I moved in with my lovely boyfriend, Malcolm and his flat mate, Ben. They were both so awesome for me, Malcolm especially in helping me pack and organise moving my stuff up. So I have made a bit of a big move in that sense, which I am over the moon about. But also in terms of distance it is pretty drastic, you see home is back in a small village outside Livingston, I moved to Perth and now have moved a little further north to Dundee. This is mainly for studying purposes, as I can’t travel to uni from Livingston – that would be idiotic!

But I never realised until I began unpacking, how much stuff I actually owned. I thought I was pretty average for the amount of clothes I had, shoes and so on… But no! Unpacking is still ongoing! I cannot believe how many items of clothing I have, how many shoes, beauty products! I have like five bottles of shampoo, all half used! I mean who does that?! (me clearly).

Anyway, better get back to unpacking! Bet you’re glad you’re not me at this present moment!